Main Highlights of Services

A day indoors at Auntie Cathy’s!

Playful pup on Auntie’s bed!

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Auntie Cathy provides Daycare Camp and Overnight Camp for dogs generally 25 pounds or under and occasionally bigger older dogs (Petizens). 

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Sadly, Auntie Cathy does not have an environment suitable for cats. She can, however, make recommendations.

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All pups sleep in her room with her in the same way they sleep in their homes. Either on the bed with her; in dog beds, she provides (and sanitizes between dogs) or in crates, she provides but ONLY if they are crate trained and sleep this way at home

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Boarding is in a clean home style environment where dogs have full access to her home. No runs or kennels!

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Meals are individualized according to how they eat at home and Auntie makes sure that they don’t share food! Treats and bowls are provided. You provide their meals

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Medication, first aid, supplements and special needs are readily given as per your instructions or the vets instructions

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All Pups are supervised in Auntie’s dog safe yard and are let out to play and do their business frequently

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Auntie provides lots of toys and entertainment for your pooches. There are games throughout the day to give the dogs a chance to show off their skills

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Lots of TLC to go around and individualized attention is freely given

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TV time is fun time. The dogs all curl up next to or near to Auntie for cuddles

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Dogs are allowed on the furniture but ONLY if this is allowed at home

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Auntie tries to make her home life with your pup much like it is at their house so they feel loved, safe and secure

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Auntie Cathy’s motto is “Auntie Cathy Cares” because she really does care for each and every fur baby and gets very attached to them

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Pet parents are sent, via text, updates, and pictures almost every day and are given a Report Card upon pick up

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Integrity is high on Auntie Cathy’s list. She is trustworthy, kind and sincere in how she cares for your babies, and in terms as to how she runs her business

A day in the life of Auntie Cathy’s!

More about Auntie,

Upon moving to Tucson, she was retired and because so many neighbors were asking her to watch their homes, plants, and pets in their absence she decided to create a “part-time” business which she named Auntie Cathy’s Pet and Home Care Services, LLC. She watched over people’s homes, provided drop-in services to client’s homes to provide care for not only their homes but their plants and pets as well. She loved the pet portion of her business but found that she loved the “boarding of dogs”. She was in high demand and decided to scale back her services to just boarding dogs in her homey environment.

She says, ”I wanted for other people’s pets what I’d want for my own three pets…. a poodle silkie named Emma, a poodle bichon named Toby and her bird, a Sun Conure named Jabber. This was to be what it is today…. pups (except cats) to come and be welcomed into her home without runs or kennels. They have supervised mealtimes so no food is shared; playtime both inside at all times and outdoors in her dog safe yard, yet supervised when outside. The pups have regular “command games” to help reinforce their doggie tricks and to learn to be in a small pack which Auntie says they simply adore having!

All pets get the tender loving care around the clock that they so deserve when being away from their pet families. Auntie provides bowls, beds that are sanitized between dogs; crates with beds but ONLY if they are crate trained, treats, and plenty of fun toys and activities. The pups get brushed almost daily and if their stay is more than a week they generally get a free bath…. (Auntie is not however a professional groomer).

As a rule, the small pack follows Auntie everywhere and develop a healthy pack mentality with Auntie as their pack leader. They transfer their allegiance from their pet parents to Auntie Cathy for the duration of their stay yet are always very happy to see their natural families again.

Auntie Cathy specializes in the care of dogs under 25 pounds. All pups and their owners are given a complimentary, no obligation interview where Auntie Cathy learns all about your pets and various releases such as a Veterinary Release Form is signed among other things. Cathy is able to provide services for your pet(s) in a very detail-oriented and caring manner. A personalized treatment plan will be developed with you to ensure that nothing is left undone or overlooked.

Dogs then stay for a free Daycare afternoon without their pet parent present so that they become better acquainted with Auntie Cathy, her home, and the other pups. It is at this time that Auntie can determine that there are no aggression issues and your pup can become more prepared for subsequent Overnight Camp or Daycare Camp.

Doggy Day Camp

Provides for several hours per day of care at the pet sitters home, Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy agenda. 

Overnight care

This service will be dependant upon your pet. Auntie Cathy does an evaluation to ensure that the pet will be a good fit for the overnight care.

Emergency & Veterinary Services

Auntie Cathy is authorized by Client to seek emergency veterinary care, if deemed necessary by Auntie Cathy’s, releasing Auntie Cathy’s from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense.


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