Auntie Cathy’s FAQ’s

What kind of facilities do you have for my pet(s)?

Auntie Cathy’s home is in a quiet neighborhood in the Casa Adobes area…. Easy access to the freeway and airport. Auntie Cathy’s large home and large yard are available for your pups to enjoy. Dogs have a run free, kennel free home that they have free access to at all times. They enjoy any and all parts of the spacious three-bedroom home. They sleep in Auntie Cathy’s room where she can hear them if they should be distressed for any reason during the night or need a night time potty break. There’s a very large family room known as the “dog room” where they can play with a wide range of interactive toys and non-rawhide chews. The yard has a six-foot minimum wall around it with dog park like double gates for safety. It’s nicely landscaped with lots of nooks and crannies for the pups to explore. Small contained pets are kept in a protected room away from the dogs. Cats do not board at Auntie Cathy’s.

What qualifications does Auntie Cathy have?

Auntie Cathy’s is insured for pets in her home and has a current background check cleared both in Arizona, Hawaii and Nationally. Auntie Cathy is Pet Tech Certified in both CPR and First Aid for dogs. Auntie Cathy is able to dispense medication, supplements and or first aid as deemed necessary with the owner’s permission. Auntie Cathy is a Limited Liability Corporation and is not affiliated with a chain of any kind. It’s a stand-alone legitimate business. She is not considered a pet hobbyist but is seen as a professional pet sitter. She is a paying member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) which requires that she maintains certain standards. She also maintains an A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Auntie Cathy has had dogs for most of her life and has had extensive training in obedience work with dogs using various modalities. She speaks “dog” and bonds easily with most if not all dogs. However, she does not consider herself a professional trainer but is skilled in animal behavior and habits and enforces only positive reward-oriented practices. Throughout the day, as part of the curriculum, she holds what she calls “command games” where dogs can practice their skills and learn new ones in a dog small pack setting. The pups love these sessions and are always happy to participate. They get rewarded for positive behaviors with verbal and hand cues, praises and pets and of course treats! Not one dog is ever treated as a failure. They are all doing their very best!

” Meet and Greets” …. What are they?

Auntie requires an appointed interview to conduct the meet & greet. Its an opportunity to sit down with the owner and their Pup(s) and go over every detail pertaining to each pup. There are signed releases for emergency veterinary care; medication dispensing; risk for aggression is ascertained and it’s an opportunity for the owner to get to know Auntie Cathy and her home. Most of all it’s a way for the pup(s) to get to know Auntie Cathy before coming for overnights or subsequent Daycare. This way your pup will feel that Auntie is their people’s “friend” and they begin to trust her and bond with her so that when they are left in the future it feels like being at …. well, their “Auntie’s” house. Following the interview which takes between 30 minutes and an hour the pup will stay for a Daycare afternoon after their people have left. This helps transfer trust and allegiance to Auntie Cathy and they can begin to look to her for support. It eases the way for the eventual overnights or future Daycare. There is no cost for this afternoon. It is complimentary and there’s no obligation to use Auntie Cathy’s services in the future. In some cases, we don’t need to have the additional Daycare afternoon if it is determined that, without any doubt, your pup is well socialized with no aggressive tendencies.

Do you take aggressive dogs?

Absolutely not. It is during the meet and greet and subsequent Daycare afternoon that Auntie Cathy is able to determine if there is out-right aggression. If there is then the pup cannot utilize Auntie Cathy’s services. Dogs can grumble or “talk” but out right aggressive behavior is never permitted. If it happens after the initial meet & greet afternoon the owners will be notified and their dog will be kept completely away from the other guest pups. Other services may have to be located or the contact person will have to take the aggressor. The owner’s trip may have to be interrupted. All dogs must be somewhat socialized and used to other dogs.

Do you take puppies or unaltered dogs or unvaccinated dogs?

All dogs must be reasonably housebroken; have had all their required shots and be neutered or spayed. Dogs under 6 months often won’t have achieved all these things so they will be turned down. There will be an additional charge if your pup has regular accidents. Pee pads are fine to use but they must know how to use them.

What vaccinations are required? Proof of vaccines?

Auntie requires your veterinary record of vaccinations. She can make copies of them at the meet & greet. Rabies, DHPP (Distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza and hepatitis) as well as Bordetella vaccine are required. See Bordetella below

What vaccinations is Auntie Cathy allowed to give? Do you administer medication?

Bordetella is also called kennel cough. It is very contagious. It doesn’t usually cause death but it causes the pup to be very sick for up to several months. 

Auntie Cathy carries the Bordetella intranasal vaccine which is generally given every 6 months or annually.  It’s two vials, kept refrigerated, mixed together and given to your pup up through their nose. It’s painless and quick! There is a $20 charge for this vaccine.

Auntie will administer your medication, supplements or first aid as directed by the owner. Auntie does not administer intravenous medication but she can give intramuscular medication. You will be asked to complete a Medication Release form which outlines exactly how, what, when the meds or supplements are given.

Are dogs put in crates or baby gates?

If a dog is crate trained for bedtime or while you are out then Auntie Cathy has crates with beds available and various sizes. She would not put a dog in a crate if it is not crate trained. She will however utilize baby gates if it is deemed necessary for the safety of all dogs for instance in the event of someone arriving to avoid door darting.

What sized dogs can stay at Auntie Cathy’s?

Dogs 35 lbs. and under are welcome. Bigger, mature and well socialized dogs  (with smaller dogs) may be allowed on occasion. It is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What to bring?

Auntie Cathy will provide healthy treats but the owner must provide the pups meals. No mealtime food is ever shared as it causes gastrointestinal issues. Dogs are fed at the same time and watched closely so they don’t “steal” another pup’s food. Dishes are provided and picked up and washed after every meal. There’s an abundance of toys for all tastes. Bringing your dogs favorite toy may get damaged by another dog. Beds are also provided and sanitized in between dogs. If you bring your pups bedding all effort will be made to ensure that your pup uses it but this isn’t always possible. There’s an assortment of dog beds including heated beds for our colder nights. Collars must be worn at all times. Auntie Cathy will affix her “Lost Dog” tag to it for safety reasons. She has never lost a dog but one never knows… so as a precaution she uses her tags. You will be given a check list of items to bring and which ones are optional at the meet & greet.

Do you walk the dogs?

Auntie does not walk a small pack of dogs. There is just too high a risk of a stranger dog creating problems or small groups of coyotes. The pups get plenty of exercise at Auntie in her big yard and home. Lots to do. They are often very tired when going home from “camp”. They tire one another out! Dogs thrive in a small pack and enjoy the company it offers.

Will my fur baby be given lots of TLC?

Absolutely yes! Auntie designed her services in such a way that she would like her own pups to have should they ever need care. The number of guest dogs range from 1 to about 5 (this number may vary from time to time, especially if some are utilizing Daycare) so this way Auntie has plenty of loves to go around. TV time will generally find her on the sofa with several pups on her lap and beside her or at her feet in cozy beds! Auntie paints in watercolors so while she paints, they play or nap in the same room! They all sleep in Aunties room according to how they sleep at home…. On her bed; in beds on the floor or in crates (only if crate trained). They are supervised at all times and while outside in the yard.

Where is Auntie’s home? How do I get in touch with her?

Auntie Cathy’s is located in the Casa Adobes area of Tucson 85741. Just west of La Cholla in a neighborhood near Ina. Since this is not a place to drop off your pup without warning we don’t disclose the location until you are ready to make an appointment. Thereafter, all bookings must come in the way of a phone call or text. Emails are not ideal as they aren’t checked regularly so its always best to text or call (808) 635-5602. This is Auntie’s old Hawaii phone number where she lived for 35 years. She now only serves all of Tucson or beyond if you should be from out of town.

When I arrive what do I do?

Auntie has an Arrival & Departure Protocol. There’s a dog park type gate system for you to utilize. Just be sure you close both gates when going through them. Dogs can dash out unexpectedly…. This system helps keep them safe. Please always utilize it. Only come to the front door by Auntie’s invitation by text when you are expected to be arriving. This may vary from time to time.

How and when do I pay for services? Cancellations? Holidays?

You will be invoiced upon picking up your pup and if you are happy with Auntie’s service you can pay by cash, Zelle Bank Services or check. If you prefer to mail in your check Auntie will give you a self-addressed stamped envelope to give you the ease of paying. There are no costs for cancellations. Auntie realizes that life can get in the way of our best laid plans so she doesn’t want to make it worse by adding on charges for services you didn’t need.  There are no additional charges for holidays stays. 

What charges might I expect?

Auntie does not require deposits in advance of visit. Daycare is $25 for up to 6 hours and $35 for 7 or more hours. $40 for overnights. It doesn’t matter what time your drop off or pick up is as long as it’s between 8:00 AM and generally 8 PM. Auntie does offer in your home care IF you live within a few minutes to her home and if you have a pup utilizing her boarding services. This is for a cat(s) that may need Aunties care or to check on your home while you are away. Auntie does this service on a case-by-case basis to ensure she is not leaving the dogs boarding for long.  There is a $25 drop-in charge for this service. Runs to the vet, groomers, for food or other pet related errands there are travel time costs associated with them.  Please feel free to discuss this with Auntie. There are no unexpected hidden costs.

Additional charges:

Dogs that will mark indoors or not be quite house broken there is an additional $5.00 charge per day for persistent accidents. The occasional is fine but should it be an issue then there is a clean-up charge. Auntie strives to keep her home clean and well cared for. Marking and accidents are readily cleaned up and discouraged.  Males that persistently mark will be required to wear a male wrap diaper. Young puppies that are not yet housebroken are not suitable for Auntie Cathy’s. Please, always have your pup potty before coming in to Auntie’s home. I promise they will ALWAYS need to mark even if they just went potty before leaving home.

Please call if you have any questions not covered here. 

Thank you and have a “bow wow” day!   Auntie Cathy