Frequently Asked Questions

🦴 Question: Are you insured and bonded? What about a background check?

Answer: Yes, we have liability insurance and honesty bonding through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Each pet sitter affiliated with Auntie Cathy’s has had a current background check through Sterling InfoSystems. A copy of the background checks areavailable at the initial “meet & greet”.

🦴 Question: Do you have references?

Answer: Yes! We have a list of references that we will give you at our initial “meet & greet” interview.

🦴 Question: What is a "meet & greet" interview?

Answer: This is a free service. It allows you and your pet(s) to get to know Auntie Cathy’s and for her to get to know you, your pets and your home. Forms are completed so emergency phone numbers, veterinary information, medication information, if applicable, and other pertinent information is shared. Also it’s the way for Auntie Cathy’s to see and hear firsthand what your pet likes or not and to determine any special requests you may have for your home and pets. It is generally when keys are picked up and payment is made if you have agreed to pay in advance of the services. Once you use Auntie Cathy’s services another “meet & greet” interview can be provided as often as you deem as necessary before subsequent departures so that you are confident that quality care for your home and pets is carried out in your absence as things may have changed since your last departure. Otherwise it may only require a phone call or text message to update any records and care plans for your pet(s) and home.

🦴 Question: How are the rates determined?

Answer: You will be told what the rates are per visit then the rates are determined by you because you decide how much you would like done and Auntie Cathy’s lets you know in advance what the cost will be based on her estimate of the time it will take to fulfill your wishes. You will have no surprises! 

🦴 Question: When do I pay for Auntie Cathy's services?

Answer: You may elect to pay in advance. If not, then an invoice with a stamped return envelope is left at our last service visit and you may pay thereafter.

🦴 Question: Will my pet(s) receive individualized attention?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Auntie Cathy provides lots of TLC and special attention to all of the animals in her care.

🦴 Question: How will I know how the visit went with my pet?

Answer: At the end of each pet sit we leave a detailed Pet Report Card so you know how things went. We will also text you often with photos as often as you like or on occasion letting you know how your pet(s) are doing. Phone calls can be made as needed if you don’t text. In the event of anything urgent please rest assured that we will contact you!

🦴 Question: Are you qualified in case of an emergency?

Answer: Yes, Auntie Cathy is Pet Tech First Aid and CPR certified. Auntie Cathy has managed many of the unexpected emergencies that might come up. She will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your pet.

🦴 Question: Do you offer overnight services (Overnight Camp) for pets at your home or mine?

Answer: We can accommodate several dogs at a time in our home, but not your home. We will determine this by introducing your pet to the other pets first and if they seem to get along then yours are more than welcome to stay in our home overnight.

🦴 Question: My pet has been aggressive in the past, will you still watch it?

Answer: No, I am sorry but we will not accommodate aggressive animals. If your pet becomes aggressive at any time we reserve the right to discontinue services with notice.

🦴 Question: Do you offer Day Care (Day Camp) for dogs?

Answer: Yes we do!

🦴 Question: Do you board dogs, cats or other animals?

Answer: I am sorry but we do not board cats, it would be too stressful for them with the dogs and we couldn’t guarantee their safety. We do however board dogs, small caged animals, birds and reptiles. Auntie Cathy has a Sun Conure of her own. Dogs, when boarded or for Day Care Services have full run of the house and are not kenneled at night unless they are used to it. We provide the kennel and you provide their bed. The dogs are supervised in the yard area. We will board, fish, reptiles and small animals in their environment in a safe part of the home.

🦴 Question: How does Auntie Cathy's discipline my pet?

Answer: We use only positive reinforcement. We do not hit or frighten any pet into submission. With your permission we will use kibble treats to reinforce positive behaviors. Kibble treats and praise work well.

🦴 Question: What if my pet needs veterinary care?

Answer: You will be required to fill out a Veterinary Release form allowing Auntie Cathy’s to take your pet to your vet or the nearest emergency veterinarian after hours if it is an emergency. All effort will be made to contact you first. If we fail to reach you then Auntie Cathy will use her best judgement. You will be expected to pay for all veterinary services. Auntie Cathy’s will keep you posted daily on the recovery of your pet.

🦴 Question: What area in Tucson do you service?

Answer: Auntie Cathy boards pets from all of Tucson and beyond!

🦴 Question: What if I have to cancel my pet sitter care?

Answer: That’s not a problem. You won’t be charged for any last minutes changes to your schedule. We know that life can get in the way of the best laid plans. Auntie Cathy is very understanding.