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About Cathy Lynch and her business

a.k.a. Auntie Cathy

Auntie Cathy is the owner of Auntie Cathy’s Pet and Home Care Services, LLC. She is a mature, reliable and trustworthy individual with years of experience in the fields of animal care and husbandry, business, and home care.

Insured for ‘In Her Home’ care

 Cleared State and National Background Check

 Pet First Aid and CPR Certified through PetTech and The Humane Society

 A+ Rating with the Tucson Better Business Bureau (BBB.com)

Member of Pet Sitting International (petsit.com) and

Member of Professional United Pet Sitters, LLC (http://petsits.com)

• Experienced in General Obedience Training of Dogs, including service dogs. However, she does not consider herself a ‘professional dog trainer’

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Auntie Cathy’s General Background

Cathy was born and raised in San Francisco and Carmel area in California where she grew up and later worked in several social work environments before moving to Kauai, Hawaii in 1979 where she became an entrepreneur in several fields.

On Kauai, Cathy ran and operated The Shelter for Battered Women and Children, the first of its kind in the islands in the late 70’s & early 80’s. Thereafter, she operated a business taking care of vacation homes and condos on the island of Kauai until the late 80’s when she opened a licensed day care for toddlers called Auntie Cathy’s Day Care (she often laughingly equates that work to working with dogs and other animals!).

Then in the early 90’s, Cathy helped open and run, as Vice President, Lynch Painting, LLC with her now ex-husband specializing in the field of fine finishes. At the same time she operated Hale Li’i Bed & Breakfast, LLC. In 2009, Cathy moved to Tucson to be closer to her two beloved grown children, Chris and Jenna, who she claims to be the greatest accomplishments of her life!

Throughout these entrepreneurial endeavors, Cathy has amassed significant experience in working with animals over the course of many decades. She was fortunate enough to have owned a “gentleman’s” farm in Hawaii for many years where she had horses, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish, birds, guinea pigs and numerous dogs and cats. She even raised one of Kauai’s wild pigs! Cathy is confident in her ability to handle all sorts of animals. Cathy has studied various dog training modalities throughout the years and strives to speak the language of each dog that she cares for. Dogs gravitate to her easily and quite quickly. She has a calm, assertive way with dogs that help them bestow their trust in her very soon after their first encounter.

Cathy is able to provide services either for your pet in a very detail-oriented and caring manner. A personalized treatment plan will be developed with you to ensure that nothing is left undone or overlooked. Cathy has seen it all with many dogs and cats by her side and is able to deal well with any concern or crisis should one arise!

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