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While you are away Auntie Cathy is here to stay!

Dogs wearing Santa hats posing for a holiday photo.
“This is Toby and Patrick both full-grown dogs!!!”
“Auntie Cathy’s Sun Conure, Jabber”

A day in the life for pups at Auntie Cathy’s!

Serving all of Tucson, Arizona and beyond

While you are away Auntie Cathy is here to stay!

Auntie Cathy’s offers a professional and loving option for your dogs.

Our pets require our utmost attention and care whether we are home or not and Auntie Cathy provides this in her home where your pooch has full access to the entire home and supervised yard time. It is a clean, homey atmosphere that your pets will love and Auntie Cathy is always quick to offer your babies security and reassurance in your absence.  Auntie Cathy often says “If they don’t love me at first, they will always love my treats…. and soon they inevitably come around to loving me… with no runs or kennels and instead a home environment where they feel happy in your absence and are loved and well cared for by someone, which is me!”.

“Auntie” Cathy Lynch

“Auntie” Cathy Lynch was given this name while living on Kauai, Hawaii for almost 35 years. “Auntie” is a term of endearment used in Hawaii for any lovable adult woman to those younger than her. Auntie Cathy has brought this term of aloha to her canine friends here in Tucson!

Auntie still practices the art of Aloha here in Tucson, Arizona by her loving kind demeanor and her willingness to keep all pets safe, happy, and secure. No details about your pet’s care is too much for Auntie…. she will try to make your pet’s life at her home as close to their home life as is possible. A treatment plan is developed, no plan is too fussy for Auntie and this includes their feeding and sleeping routines…. for example, if they sleep with you then by all means they sleep with Auntie! Otherwise, they all sleep in her room in cozy beds or crates (crates are used but ONLY if that is what they are used to and most comfortable with at home). No runs or kennels at Auntie’s! In fact, that’s why Auntie has this business, she wanted a place that even her own two dogs would be happiest going to. She has Emma, a Poodle / Silkie, and Toby a Poodle / Bichon and a Sun Conure bird named Jabber.

“Auntie” Cathy

Auntie Cathy is a mature, reliable and responsible adult with more than 40 years of experience with animals, both large and small. She considers herself a professional pet sitter as opposed to a hobbyist. Her attention to detail is impeccable as to how she runs her doggie & pet Camp and business.

We consider our pets to be very important to us and oftentimes they are among the most treasured aspects of our lives. They are family! That’s why while you are away then Auntie Cathy is here to stay!

To do this and help alleviate separation anxiety for pups Auntie Cathy offers a complimentary no obligation “meet & greet” interview in her home where your pup gets to know her and her home and Auntie learns all about your canine companion plus releases are signed. Then you leave your pup with Auntie for a Daycare Camp afternoon so your pup begins to feel “at home” with her and gets to meet her fur and feathered babies as well as other Campers. When you return following this initial visit, you’ll see how your pup(s) has become adjusted to her, other pups and her home and you’ll be given a tour of the rest of her home.

Dogs are allowed to grumble as a means to “talking” yet outright aggression is never allowed and sadly your pooch will not be able to come back for Daycare or Overnights if they display outright, unprovoked aggression towards another pup or Auntie Cathy. Generally, however, following this afternoon, your pup is ready for Overnight Camp and / or Daycare Camp! Arf-arf!

Auntie prefers phone calls or texts over the numerous emails, which may get overlooked. Make this and your beloved pet babies, a bow wow day! If she doesn’t answer please leave a message and when she isn’t busy with pups and pet’s she’ll be happy to return your call.

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